Assistive Technology @ Faculty of Computing and Informatics, MMU

Assistive Technology SIG (Special Interest Group) was formed in November 2014. It is one of the SIG parked under the Faculty of Computing and Informatics, Multimedia University. Currently we have 9 members:

1) Dr. Junaidi Abdullah (Leader)

2) Dr. Noramiza Hashim (Deputy)

3) Dr. Wan Noorshahida Mohd Isa (Secretary)

4) Dr. Norain Mohd Yusoff (Member)

5) Ms. Aziah Ali (Member)

6) Ms. Nur Azyyati Ahmad (Member)

7) Ms. Shahbe Mat Desa (Member)

8) Ms. Suhaini Nordin (Member)

9) Ms. Zarina Che Embi (Member)


These are our previous members who have left us:

1) Ms. Aishah Abdul Razak

2) Ms. Namiah Abu Osman @ Othman

3) Ms. Umi Sabriah Haron


We have three main focus areas which include:

1) Human-Computer Interaction

2) Sensor-Signal Analysis and Processing

3) Mechatronics Computing


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