Congratulations to Our FYP Students

Sofea Nurjanah Ramie & Teng Chin Sheng at MyBiz Award
Sofea Nurjanah Ramie (third from the left) & Teng Chin Sheng (second from the right) at MyBiz Award.

Early this year, one of the SIG Final Year Project titled “Talking Diary for Visually Impaired and Blind” had won the grand prize for MyBiz Award. Congratulations to the students, Sofea Nurjanah Ramie and Teng Chin Sheng and also to the supervisor, Ms. Aziah Ali.


One thought on “Congratulations to Our FYP Students

  1. Thank you for the recognition and giving us the chance to demonstrate and present our project in the very first place. The fact that MMU Assitive Technology Group was helping us to polish up our project presentation was already a huge factor that we won the award. Thanks again. – Sofea Ramie & Teng Chin Sheng


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