Mini Symposium 2016 @ Postgraduate Carnival

We had our annual Mini Symposium in conjunction with the FCI Postgraduate Carnival on 5 December 2016.  It was held from 2pm at our new lab!  Special Thanks went to the students for participating in this Mini Symposium 2016.

The following are the titles of the Final Year Projects involved during this event:

  • Elderly Focused Projects
    • Elderly People Monitoring System – Wong Sze Ling
    • Recipe Finder & Calorie Counter for the Elderly – Naim Danial Johar & Putri Nur Dayana
  • Sign Language Focused Projects
    • Malay Speech Recognition System – Khairul Azmi Aminuddin
    • Malaysian Sign Language Recognition using Webcam – Muhammad Affan Md Ali
  • Visual Assistive Technology Projects
    • Assistive Technology for Colour Blind Vehicle Drivers using Camera Device V2 – Mohamad Danial Hariz
    • Braille Keyboard System in Mobile – Fathima Shakira Mohamed Asrabeen
  • General Assistive Technology Projects
    • Head Movement as a Pointing Device – How Cin Hong
    • Subject Identification from Facial Images – Dorothea Vincent & Yogenthieraan Pannirselvam
    • Gesture Based Application for Stroke Survivors – Sevangthi Murthy
    • Display Control Based on Eye Gaze – Muhammad Imad Aqil
    • Brainwaves for Brain Computer Interaction

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