About Us

We are a group of passionate researchers at Multimedia University in Cyberjaya campus doing research and development on projects under the theme of Assistive Technology.

Dr. Junaidi Abdullah (junaidi@mmu.edu.my)

Deputy Chairperson:
Dr. Noramiza Hashim (noramiza.hashim@mmu.edu.my)

Dr. Wan Noorshahida Mohd. Isa (noorsha@mmu.edu.my)


  • Dr. Nor’ain Mohd Yusoff (norain.yusoff@mmu.edu.my)
  • Ms. Amalina Ibrahim (amalina_ibrahim@hotmail.com)
  • Ms. Aziah Ali (aziah.ali@mmu.edu.my)
  • Ms. Nur Azyyati Ahmad (azyyati.ahmad@mmu.edu.my)
  • Ms. Shahbe Mat Desa (shahbe@mmu.edu.my)
  • Ms. Suhaini Nordin (suhaini.nordin@mmu.edu.my)
  • Ms. Zarina Che Embi (zarina.embi@mmu.edu.my)

We welcome any feedback and comments.


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